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How to Know If an SEO Company is Trustworthy?

In carrying out online marketing strategies for your business, it’s important to get the best SEO company as possible. Whether you’re launching a new campaign or working on your site’s search engine rankings, SEO can help you achieve it.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of SEO companies available to address your needs, but how can you distinguish those that are truly trustworthy? You can use the following points as a guide:

  • The rates are reasonable for the kind of service they provide – While it depends on the project requirement, the average hourly rate for a professional search engine optimization service is about $75. Seems expensive doesn’t it? Take a look at this example: think of hiring a professional computer technician that asks for $75 to remove all the viruses from your personal computer. It may seem easy but in fact, the tedious work requires patience and adaptability to constant changes.  SEO
  • This also applies to hiring search optimization specialists – A $75 asking price per hour for the service is reasonable enough because generally, the ideal cost for this should be at least $200. In terms of monthly service cost, several SEO agencies charge their clients $750 per month. Now, if you are offered to pay $250 monthly for their service, think about it first – will the quality be achieved despite the affordable price?
  • It doesn’t offer false promises – Don’t be deceived by SEO agencies that guarantee top results on SERPs – keyword searches won’t put you on top immediately. If you feel that they sound too good to be true, ask questions. Remember that the results of hiring an SEO service usually take effect after 6 months or more, depending on the campaign.
  • SEOCompanyIt submits reports regularly – An SEO agency must diligently submit reports which include the total number of hours they spent on the project, the milestones they achieved on the entire period, plus the business ranking of their clients.
  • Why are reports important? This is for you to know the progress of your business and several ‘fly-by-night’ SEO agencies do not submit regular reports. If you notice that your preferred agency could not submit monthly reports, it’s a strong sign that they are just after your money.
  • Apart from generating reports – An SEO agency should also have to be proactive in communicating with you. In maintaining excellent communication, one reputable firm even has “SEO consultants and business management experts that are fully trained to handle any of our clients’ needs.” – meaning they collaborate directly and regularly with entrepreneurs and webmasters.
  • There is no complex or confusing contract – Ideally, SEO agencies must provide a simple 3-page contract that states the type of work they should serve to clients, rate of service, duration and etc. Keep it free from lots of terms, conditions, and legalities. That way, it’s easier for you and the agency to negotiate even during the project’s course.
  • SEO CompanyIt should offer in-house SEO specialists – Working relationship is one thing to be observed in client-business interaction. As a client, it’s essential for you to know what type of search engine optimization service is good for your business. If the agency is able to get it on point by sending in-house professionals, then it can lead to a good working relationship that can last until the end of the project. Fake SEO agencies don’t even care to have them or don’t have them at all! The purpose of these experts is for you to get in touch with the agency most of the time if not 24/7.
  • It shows integrity – SEO agencies must perform techniques and services without cutting off the essentials. On your part, it’s essential to check if they perform spammy procedures along the way. Since they provide a list of websites they are working on, you can easily spot if they are doing their job or not.

By keeping all these points in mind, then you can be assured that you’re getting a trustworthy SEO company for your business.